Q & A

You've got Q's, we've got A's.

Before calling us or sending an email, you may want to check below to see if we’ve already addressed the questions you have in mind. If not, you can reach us on our contact page here.

Q.) Do we need to bring anything?

A.) Yes, please bring socks for everyone visiting, even adults.

Q.) Is outside food and drink allowed?

A.) Yes, but we like to keep it at a minimum. We allow nut-free snacks in the waiting area only. We have water for sale at .50 cents a bottle.

Q.) Do you offer any drop off services?

A.) Not at this time.

Q.) What does a membership come with?

A.) Monthly Membership -Unlimited open play, and 10% off classes and events.
6 Month Membership –Unlimited open play, and 20% off classes events/parties.
Annual Memberships -Unlimited open play, 20% off classes, events, and parties,
T-shirt, and $5 retail credit.

Q.) How much for Open Play?

A.) $12- single child admission, $8 sibling discount, Under 2 years old – $6.

Q.) What about birthday parties?

A.) Our birthday parties are awesome. We reserve time on Sat-Sun 9-1:30. Prices are $175 for the first hour, $50 for additional 30 min. (1.5 hours – $225, 2 hours- $275)

Q.) Is BKG a clinic?

A.) No. We are a walk-in play facility. However, all activities and equipment at BKG are therapeutic in many different ways.

Q.) What are your Open Play hours?

A.) Monday- Closed, Tues-Fri 10-6, Sat-Sun 2-6

Q.) Is your center only for kids with special needs?

A.) No. BKG is a place for children of ALL abilities.

Q.) Does it get crowded?

A.) We try to maintain a comfortable number of families. Calling ahead is a great way to know how many people are in the center.

Q.) Can we bring kids to just play?

Yes. It is important to closely supervise your kids, respecting the other families use of the gym.

IMG_8356Q.) Does my child have to be walking?

A.) No. We try to accommodate all kids, and have many activities for kids who need assistance in play.

Q.) Can I bring multiple kids?

A.) Yes, we encourage it! Kids love to play together at Bravery. Yet all kids must be supervised at all times.

Q.) What adult/child ratio do we need to visit?

A.) We recommend 1, 2 or 3 kids to one adult, depending on the children. All kids must be supervised and be conscious of the enjoyment of other families.

Q.) Can we have play groups?

A.) Yes. BKG is a great alternative to outdoor playgrounds and larger play facilities. If planning a group over 10 kids, group discount will apply! Call for more info.

Q.) Can we have field trips?

A.) Yes, just call to set up a day.

Q.) Can my respite care worker bring my child?

A.) Yes. However, there must be a liability wavier signed by the parent on file before visiting. All respite workers are required to closely supervise children at all times.

Q.) What are your ages?

A.) Crawling to 12 years old for open play. We hold a variety of events that may target specific age groups like “Brave Teen Night” (12-17 year olds with special needs).

Q.) Do you have to be a member to come?

A.) No, we have daily, monthly and annual pricing to help frequent users and occasional visitors alike.