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Bravery’s therapy inspired equipment provides a unique experience of “play with a purpose.”

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We offer a retail area with popular sensory items and educational toys!

Parent Facilitated Play

We provide you the opportunity to engage with your child and to have quality, family fun!
“I am very excited for the Bravery Gym to open in the Fayetteville area. I am a mother of three and two of my children required extensive physical therapy and occupational therapy during the first several years of their life. I would have loved to have the option of taking them to a place where there is physical and developmental activities geared towards letting them play while working on milestones. I look forward to using this gym and seeing the progress they can make while in a safe yet challenging environment!” Jena

Mother of three

“Most parents understand that for children in the early developmental stages almost every activity contains some element of play. What many parents may not realize is that “child’s play” is the most important way children develop intellectually, socially, emotionally and physically. Young children are natural explorers. They are never still and seldom silent. They learn by trial and error as they play and experiment. A child with disabilities is no exception.” Lisa Rappaport Morris


“My husband and I teach our kids to love and respect everyone regardless of appearance, and ability. Bravery will provide a place that all kids can come together and play on their own terms, while engaging in activities that will help them develop. We can’t wait to go!” Kera D

Stay-at-home mother of two.

“Play is such an important language between kids, and the access to specialized equipment that Bravery Kids provide open up those channels for kids of any level.” Maggie

Physical Therapist