“Our mission at Bravery Kids Gym is to provide an opportunity for children of all abilities to gain healthy social interactions, sensory and motor development, and quality time with loved ones.”


Bravery Kids Gym, located in Fayetteville, North Carolina, is an inclusive indoor play facility that offers a fun, safe and stimulating learning environment to promote childhood development through play. Bravery Kids Gym is structured around four key fundamental aspects of development:

  • SpecialneedsCommunication
  • Social interaction
  • Physical (sensorimotor, fine and gross motor)
  • Cognition

Bravery is geared towards the development and therapeutic needs of children with special needs as well as typically developing children.

Bravery’s therapy inspired equipment provides a unique experience of “play with a purpose.”

Increasing awareness and support throughout the community on special needs issues is one of Bravery Kids Gym’s top priorities. Our “Community Corner” in the facility as well as online will serve as a neighborhood resource for general disability education, therapeutic services, local events, and local businesses.



Play with a Purpose

Bravery Kids Gym offers sensory play activities with focus on development of children of all ages!

Classes & Events

There are new and exciting ways for you and your kids to get involved every day! Please check our calendar and Facebook to keep updated with our classes and events!

Private Events and Parties

Have a birthday coming up, group meeting, or just want to give your special person a day they’ll never forget? Reserving our gym and event room is a snap.

Retail Area

A retail area within the gym provides the best selection of handpicked sensory/motor based equipment, educational toys and more.